Milo Ice Cream - recipe
No. Way. Homemade mango fruit rollups - the only ingredient is mango. Puree, spread, bake 3-4 hours at 175 and done.
10 Desserts You Should Make As Soon As You Get Your Thermomix
Tempering Chocolate in the Thermomix is one of the easiest things! Head here for simple Thermomix Tempering Chocolate techniques to have you with the shiniest
Thermomix Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe - ThermoBliss
The new make-over is the make-under! Naked cakes are perfect for beginner bakers as you don’t have to worry about the icing being perfect. Sometimes less really is more.
30 Second Chocolate Mousse | Official Thermomix Recipe Community
I can never get Fudge right so I think this will be one of the first things I try
lime and raspberry flan

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Clementine Cake
3 ingredient PB & Honey bars 1/2 c crunchy natural peanut butter 1/2 c honey 3 c Cheerios  Line 8x 8 pan w/ parchment.  Combine pb & h in saucepan over med/high.  Heat until simmers, 2-3 min, stirring.  Remove from heat, mix well.  Stir in cereal.  Pour into pan and press firmly.  Let sit for 1 hour.  Cut into bars.
Coconut Macaroons!
In June of 2007 we took an extended vacation to Italy. We started in the northern part of Italy – Milan, and made our way to the southern tip of the Amalfi Coast – Sorrento. Exhausted by the end of the month, the Amalfi Coast was the perfect setting for relaxation. The turquoise waters were breathtaking …
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‘I can’t believe you made that’ cake by Lorraine Pascale - I saw her make this on the show and there was a good tip for cutting a cake in half horizontally using a revolving cake stand, or a cake plate on an upside down bowl if you don't have the stand.
Dominic Chapman's jelly recipe takes exotic passion fruit and tart lemons to make a delightful dessert. A beautiful treat, this fruit jelly is easy to make.
watermelon bombe // ice cream cake
Mirror Glaze Cake - YouTube