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The Finis Tempo trainer gives you something to focus on – synchronising your steps with the beeps. It allows you to use progressive drills, i.e. running at 180, 182, 184 steps per minute.


Finis Tempo Trainer review – Great for unning - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

Gravity Zero's new zero-lag hub road test and review.

Gravity Zero Hub – Road test & review - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

Garmin has indeed raised the bar with the Fenix 3. Not only does the unit look great, it functions superbly as well, with a nice easy-to-use interface. Ideal for triathletes!

Garmin Fenix 3 multisport watch - first look! - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

The Shiv was the first genuine acknowledgement from a bike company that triathletes have different needs to time triallists. In short, we generally ride steeper seat angles, we are on the bike for a lot longer (at IM distance), we are usually slightly broader through the shoulders from swimming, and we need to be able to run a bit after we’ve ridden. Read the full review online.

Specialized Shiv - 6 of the best tri bikes for 2015 - Pictures - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

New issue of Triathlon & Multisport Magazine out now! Stay motivated with our monthly mag.

Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

Bike set up mistakes you can't afford to make! Commonly, a reason for cramping in certain muscles is directly associated with an incorrect position or setup on the bike.

3 common bike setup mistakes - Tips for triathletes - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

CarboKeramic rails help to keep the weight down to a svelte 145 grams, making this the super model of saddles.

Selle Italia Flite Tekno Flow Bike Seat - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

Kask infinity helmet review. A great-looking aero road helmet for triathletes.

Kask Infinity aero road helmet - REVIEW - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

TomTom’s new Multi-Sport Cardio GPS watch - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine

New Balance M1500 running shoes - REVIEW for triathletes - Triathlon & Multisport Magazine