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Yuri- Tamen Di Gushi. I'm not really into Yuri manga, but this one was too cute to pass up.

Tamen De Gushi 1 - Read Tamen De Gushi Online For Free - Stream 2 Edition 1 Page 16 - MangaPark I can see myself doing this.

Eren and Levi's mom's ;u;

Eren and Levi's mom. Levi's mom looks so much like him!

She turned on me. Saw me for the monster I am. And found love where she deserved it.

I'm scared that one day, you'll take back everything you've said and given, and later you'll run away when you saw me for the monster I am. I'm sorry, but I better not go closer dear.

Bốn màu loạt quần vợt [4]

Senna siteva: 14 years old, and a complete badass at sports. She loves running the most and jumping into actiom


Yes, more Reverse Falls. I still like the Monster Falls AU best, but this gif is pretty cool you HAVE TO ADMIT (Gravity Falls/Reverse Falls end of the world to commemorate the eerie town.

We are all Agathokakological.  Comprised of good and evil, we are torn between two worlds. -S.S

I can't be bothered to write a proper description and I can't think of anything clever to say. i am literally this