These five green smoothie recipes pack powerful cleansing ingredients like parsley, kale, dandelion and spinach into fruity treats that youll start to crave before too long.

Diary of a Fit Mommy: Cleanse Your WHOLE Body With These Five Smoothies! Pictures smoothie not included. All smoothies are spinach or lettuce based for veggies

Biggest Loser 20 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

20 Super-Healthy Smoothie Recipes

20 Super-Healthy Smoothies i don't usually agree with smoothies for loosing weight. But i do think that if you have been putting in alot of effort and excersize and feel malnutritioned a good smoothie will boost your energy!

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Custom Green Smoothie Recipes - How to Create Your Custom Green Smoothie Create your own custom green smoothies with this chart! These smoothies are healthy

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