Skin needling for scars

Another paramedical tattooing procedure that doesn't require pigment application but helps in skin restoration after scarring is Skin Needling.

Needling scars part 2

Skin needling for scars

Skin needling procedure

In this exclusive article we asked Victoria Ammoscato to tell us about Micro-Needling procedure. Micro-needling is one of the hottest cosmetic

Needling scars

Need for Needle: Uncolored Tattoo Procedures (Part


Vitiligo is a skin disorder, most often auto-immune, which is caused by unknown reasons and is characterized by the loss of pigmentation. Technically, the loss

Scaring part 1

To treat or not to treat: Different scar types. Chapter I

Scaring part 2

In the chapter we touched upon the types of scarring that poorly qualify for micropigmentation procedures. There are, however, types of scars which not only

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