Robertson's jams. When I was still living in Britain there were plans to get rid of Golly (the Golliwog is their mascot) because of concerns it was racist. There was a HUGE public outcry. I don't know when the Golliwog became their logo, but Robertson's has been in business since the late 1800s and had a Royal Warrant since 1933. When it was proposed to lose Golly, NO ONE was on board!

Golden Shred marmalade advert complete with the Robertson Golliwog, remember this like yesterday, and the T.


A Golly Teapot Cosy . Keeps the tea warm.

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Noddy returns without the golliwogs

'Sherlock Holmes' It’s arguably one of the most beloved classic children’s books of all times, featuring one of literature’s most popular fictional charact

First Birthday Girl 41cm

Wonderful collection of golliwogs and gifts. From a beautiful Golliwog collectible to a wonderful Noddy product.

Beautiful Young Mermaid Golliwog Image "Everybody's Loved by Someone"

Beautiful Young Mermaid Golliwog Image "Everybody's Loved by Someone" x - Print of Mabel Lucie Attwell's Vintage Illustration for me to mat & frame.