Zoe Bray

Zoe Bray

My name is Zoe 💃I love to dance💃dancing is my life ❤️
Zoe Bray
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Which Disney duo are you and your BFF? I got Dory and Marlin and it described us perfectly. "You two are just the right amount of silly and serious. Best of all, when you’re feeling down, your BFF knows exactly what to say to cheer you up. With your BFF by your side, you know you can just keep swimming through any obstacle."

I took a quiz of Which Pixar Duo Are You and Your BFF?you could be Dory and ill be Marlin XP.

<b>When you wish that you're the star, makes no difference who you are...</b>

You got: The Little Mermaid You’re curious, adventurous, and a hopeless romantic. Grab your dinglehopper and fluff up your hair, because your starring roll is here for the taking!

When I hear someone say "Are you dumb or stupid?" I turn around do this face and say "Both"

I'm cray-cray(the actual picture was woody but it wouldn't work so I used maybelle instead

Friendship is god gifted. According to many people, relation of friendship is better than the relation of blood. So today we are sharing with you Friendship Status for Whatsapp for Missing Friends Forever.

This collection of OCD pictures will definitely trigger your need to organize, straighten, clean, and otherwise coddle your inner micromanager. People who suffer from OCD.