Meet the extraordinary Michael Schumacher. A legend in his own right, Michael has dominated the racing world during his career and established himself among the best in the sport. "I was never afraid of taking decisions. And with this ability I believe that in many areas in life I could be successful". Michael Schumacher

THE LEGEND:Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher et Alain Prost ¶ All three, on the same podium.

Ferrari F1, Monaco

Jean Alesi, Ferrari, Monaco 1992 N. : We do see very well the ill-fated, but very innovative concept of the double-floor scraping the monegasque pavement in this very moment

Ayrton Senna e Alain Prost

Ayrton Senna e Alain Prost-must have been early days at McLaren!

Senna and Prost, just watched the Senna documentary again....the good old days. Love Prost's shorts             RIP Ayrton

Senna and Prost, just watched the Senna documentary again.the good old days…

Alain Prost vs Nigel Mansell (Spain 1988)

Alain Prost driving a Mclaren-Honda leads Nigel Mansell driving a Williams-Judd to win the 1988 Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez