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Me too cuz then my students would like me. If I am a teacher I would want to be a fun and cool teacher. My teacher never did that. I know how my students would feel.

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Okay, so my friend does this, he just hides it in his backpack. and then like uses his backpack for a pillow.>>>>lol that's funny

Teenager post Funny but, Remember don't text and drive whatever it is, it can wait, your life and the life of others come first!

I'm so lonely - isn't that sad. But don't text me - I'm busy - got things to do. But, why don't you ever text me?

so true!

If I'm mad most of the time at school, why does it take me like two weeks to write an essay?

Story of my life

this happened to me once, where i pushed the button on one walking toy dog that actually jumped off the shelf and started barking and jumping around the isle. It scared the crap out of me.

i hate it when you're trying not to cry in front of someone, but as soon as they ask you "are you okay?" you lose it

So true I try fighting the tears . Cuz they make fun of me when I cry , well mostly my dad and my friend

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Omg I thought I was the only one who couldn't write in a diary. Every book that has an entry for a diary makes me feel ashamed