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Blog posts about things I do in my spare time such as renovations, new builds, kids theatre and the odd holiday.
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What happens when you are away from home and you lose your wallet. You had better have some way of getting your ID. Paperless storage of documents is one way that might assist. #paperless

Fencing can be both practical and decorative. #goodneighbourfence #fencing

Timber flooring is both beautiful and practical, here we have laid Queensland Spotted Gum. #queenslandspottedgum #timberflooring

Going up - stairs, beautiful stairs. #staircase #stairs

End of year round up for 2015, the house is progressing but not really fast enough for me. #newbuild

Oh no, the rooms look too small! Why is it when you put up the walls to a room the space looks so small.

Raising of the walls - and oops, knocking down some as well! #newbuild #building

The house is finally finished. A beautiful Queenslander with a few modern touches. #queenslander #queenslanderrenovation