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I hate bananas and all they stand for. Fruit should be spherical and juicy. Bananas are neither. I haven't eaten bananas since the grade. I don't ttrust them. <~ but bananas are fantastic

Oh my I could NOT love this any more

So many awesome things about this room. LOVE LOVE the brick wall. Must have the chandelier. love the shelf, not sold on the headboard. cute endtables and footboard storage thing. i would add some yellow or dk purple and less white. LOVE this room!

Bedroom idea

Bedroom in shabby chic neutrals. I love the huge night stands and the two square benches at the foot of the bed. Bedroom in shabby chic neutrals. I love the…

bedroom ideas  #KBHome

The bedroom in our new place will be on the small side, because we're planning on using the master bedroom as an office. For that reason, we're playing with the idea to make our bedroom all white, .