Tyler Arc&Design

Tyler Arc&Design

Melbourne, Australia / Architectural Design student. Project Inspiration & Appreciation of Art.
Tyler Arc&Design
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Ch’ng Kiah Kiean - Taipei Fine Art Museum I 2012 Size: x Media: Chinese ink & watercolour on Moleskine sketch book Collection: Artist collection

Exploded Axonometric

‘Exploded axonometric for a Visitors’ Center in P.Faliron, Athens’ Anastasia Gkoliomyti and Emmanouel Symiakakis A way of creating a drawing just with lines also using black background makes the drawing look

Underground Axonometric

The artist Mathew Borrett create these beautifully complex maze of tiny rooms that appear to be carved from a solid white page. Many rooms defy logical idea.

Solid & Void

Wolfgang Weingart [Line research series]-Kunstgrafik 1964


Relief of Land;Mountains (JM) - archisketchbook - architecture-sketchbook, a pool of architecture drawings, models and ideas