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Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) is the Australian Institute of Aboriginal of Torres Strait Islander Studies' publishing arm and Australia’s leading publisher of Australian Indigenous studies.

Prime Minister Paul Keating - Redfern Speech

Former Prime Minister of Australia, Paul Keating, gave this speech in 1993 at Redfern in Sydney. It is by far one of the best speeches given by a serving Prime Minister in this country.

Kanyini is a documentary that details the impact of the mindset of the colonists and subsequent governments upon Australian Indigenous people

Kanyini with Tjilpi Bob Randall (Uncle Bob) - HD Quailty

Mabo by Rachel Perkins

Mabo the Native Title Revolution explores issues of colonisation and resistance. Images, newspaper clippings, stories and videos, including a online version of the award-winning Land Bilong Islanders.

Strait life ... Jimi Bani and Deborah Mailman as Eddie and Bonita Mabo.

Sydney Morning Herald article - "The emotionally charged Mabo was cerated as an antidote to divisive race politics.

The Mabo Decision is an historic decision overturning "terra nullius."

The Mabo Decision is an historic decision overturning "terra nullius.

The Mabo Decision - 20th Anniversary

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Life on Mer (Murray Island)

Background information about Murray Island (Mer)

Protector of Aborigines - a brief overview

This Video from 'Behind The News' explains why Sorry Day is so important, by first talking about the Stolen Generations.