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It seems pretty easy, but it’s not. Not everyone has long hair that reaches all the way around the head to make a perfect crown of braids. Girls with short hair need braids TOO! Using this technique, you make small, overlapping intersections of braids to create a full crown. Here’s how: go to page for instructions

Easy instructions for an upside down French braided bun, if i ever grow my hair out again, SO doing this

The “I’m Running Late” Hair Style.

The “I’m Running Late” Hair Style. | Whatta Plain Jane I actually really like this! And I have a beaded headband that I would wear with this.

Top 10 Hairstyle Tutorials For This Fall

This is cute for girls with really thick hair. A tricky ponytail to do but indeed head-turning! :)

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DIY Faux Grandfather Clock for teen cute! Maybe not for right now, but cute!!

This is very simple to do and FABULOUS!!!! You can use this to decorate for a: [1] party(sweet 15/16) [2] Your room hanged from the ceiling [3] A center piece in a bowl or vase....

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