Adrian Heathcote

Adrian Heathcote

My paintings and other graphic works are here and elsewhere.
Adrian Heathcote
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Artifacts adoring Golden Man

Artifacts adoring Golden Man

French Anti-Nazi and Anti-Vichy poster, "France is the bastion of Europe. Defend…

z- SS Waffen Grenadier Div Charlemagne French)- France Is Bastion of Europe- Defend it (Prop- Vichy France- WWII)

Bronze sceptre from the Nahal Mishmar Hoard

Scepter:Cave of the Treasure, Nahal Mishmar, Judean Desert Period:Chalcolithic period, BCE

Frescoes from the Haigia Sophia of Trebizond, including one depicting the marriage feast at Cana.

Frescoes (Left: Jesus enthroned and dressed as a Greek philosopher of a past era. Right: Marriage at Cana.


From a Voltaire volume, 1808.

From a Voltaire volume,


Fresco depicting Bacchus wearing a brunch of grapes and Mount Vesuvius(?), from the Lararium of the House of the Centenary, Pompeii, Naples Archaeological Museum


"One of my very favorite artists, Wassily Kandinsky" Researching expressionistic art that gives the impression of musical inspiration, with a diverse and lively palette and energetic, congested shapes reminiscent of jazz music (Cora Clarke for TT Brief)