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Adrienne Sellar

Adrienne Sellar
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Alice in Wonderland inspired

Sweet treats table at a party! HAVE to do this with skittles! - A Quirky Alice in Wonderland Wedding: Nic & Ed

Totally Cool DFW Biz that comes to your house and paints your lawn for special occasions like bdays, graduations, holidays, etc!!! Love it!

Fourth of July Crafts for Kids: Flour Lawn Stars. Cut out star stencil, sprinkle grass with water (to make the flour stick) and then sprinkle with flour. This idea also works for Canada's July Birthday. Just substitute the star for a Maple Leaf.

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You will need: a jar and glow-in-the-dark paint! First, take one of the jars and rinse it out. Next, take a paint brush and decorate the inside of the jar with polka dots of glow paint. Finally, go into a dark space and watch your jar glow!

DIY ping pong lights garland

Ping pong balls over string lights. So much cheaper than the fancy lights. I need a ton more ping pong balls. What would be more fun than this craft is playing some serious ping pong.

Hanging decorative picture frames (school colors) for pictures at graduation party

Photo Booth for reception - LOVE! We used a red round frame for reception photos at a wedding here at our farm. the photographer edited for black and white photos with only the red frame in color. Definitely worth a try.