Ajarn Ken Learns Thai

I teach University graduates in Bangkok on how to become great cabin crew and Flight Attendants with the major airlines around the world. In addition to speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, I decided to enroll into Thai classes and start learning Thai language. This is a blog and video diary of me learning Thai :)
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Ajarn Ken Learns Thai Reading 1 - The Thai Low Consonants - Visit the website - http://bit.ly/AjarnKenThai_reading1  Thai consonants are all pronounced with an "oo" sound. If you know English there are really two alphabets. There is the capital alphabet as I mentioned with the "ee" sound but also the lower alphabet with the "uh" sound.... ah, buh, suh, duh, eh, eff, guh, huh, ih etc. I remember learning that way back when I was at school in primary classes!!!