Pass the Parcel – Before class, Wrap a candy bar with lots of newspaper. Each layer of newspaper will have a Chinese phrase or word they know. Play music. When the music stops, the student holding the parcel gets to unwrap ONE layer and read the Chinese word. Play the music again. Students pass the parcel around. When the music stops, the student holding the parcel unwraps ONE layer and reads the word. Do this, until all layers have been unwrapped and the candy is found.

Teaching stroke order? Try this fun activity. Buy a set of 4 colored pens and ask students to write characters using the order - green, black, blue red.

2 weeks of fun and learning with a Halloween Thematic unit of work. Students will rehearse a role-play, count with the Addams Family, and make a Halloween pumpkin (parts of the body). Download all the Halloween resources now.

Learn parts of the face in Chinese with the Halloween theme. (2 weeks of lessons plans, worksheets, and resources)

Give students a Word Wall and ask them to write new vocabulary on the wall for reference in the classroom.

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