Abbey Joseski

Abbey Joseski

My bæs are better than urs♥♡♥
Abbey Joseski
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I can read it

I read backwards with ease and am proud of it. Because if I ever get in a spot where I need to read stuff backwards I will be able to and that is and incredible talent. Any talent is incredible and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

All the time lol

so me, when my feet are hanging out of the blanket, i feel un-safe. so weird it's like a blanket is protecting me lol

21 things dance kids want their non-dance friends to know. This is so accurate is unbelievable

"oh you play football? that's cute" Dance is a sport, everyone else is just to afraid to admit that its harder than what they play😐

Mmm... I thought this was a very relatable quote, and oddly enough -in my mind,- slightly characteristic of a #enfj

"Throw me to the wolves andi will return leading the pack. I thought this was a very relatable quote. It's pretty much saying that one will return as a leader

Extremely funny iphone text messages. Enjoy! View the entire collection of pictures at

Money is made of 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton. So no, money does not grow on trees.

when i lose: who cares it's only a game when i win: lol in your face you loser