Akanksha Machhral

Akanksha Machhral

Hi, I'm a typical TVD/TO/OUAT/The Flash/Supergirl fan girl who loves Damon Salvatore. I also have a Wattpad profile - Dahliabeauty101 you can check that out if
Akanksha Machhral
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Awwww their married in real life

TVShow Time - Supergirl - Strange Visitor From Another Planet<<Cat is you're Wingwoman.

The Flash 3x17 j'onn is not just a pretty face

The Flash j'onn is not just a pretty face

Love it way too much

The Vampire Diaries: Elena & Damon -

Wrist Henna

QuickDo Henna: Mehndi Ornament, maybe for below the palms, along a diagonal line cutting across the palm, on the foot along the ankles or above the toes.playing with them is easy too by making the base-line 'v' shaped instead of horizontal.