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Essential Oil Air Freshener Spray by jayne

DIY Essential Oil Room Sprays - need some alcohol in there too, but nice recipe list. Air freshener sprays without all the harsh chemicals!

essential oils on pressure points

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Merlin's Wizardry and Spells

Illustration for the Daisy Fairy from Flower Fairies of the Spring. A small girl fairy stands facing left with a bunch of daisies in her right hand. - Cicely Mary Barker FF Spring 6 1923

The Shirley Poppy Fairy {Cicely Mary Barker}

llustration for the Shirley Poppy Fairy from Flower Fairies of the Garden. A girl fairy stands on tiptoe amongst shirley poppy flowers, shaking the seeds from a poppy head. Author / Illustrator Cicely Mary Barker Date 1990