gorgeous entrance, including glass windows / door and light shade! Paint my timber a white/grey wash. Love this entrance with its breezy welcoming feel. Also the oversized pot plants and concrete internal stairs.

Canapé | Le canapé est un meuble essentiel. Une fois acheté, il va en effet accompagner votre quotidien durant des années. Pièce maîtresse du salon, il mérite donc toute votre attention et doit être choisi avec soin. #canapésdécoration #projetsdedécoration #architectured’intérieur Suivez:

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Sofas of Italian manufacture are really wonderful. Divano Bristol - il Made in Italy si nota subito.

12 gorgeous grad dresses to rush order stat

Great cut for a shirt dress -- doesn't seem like it'll gap or fit awkwardly too-short. Wallis White Floral Print Shirt Dress l


Skull Sculpture "Crania Anatomica Filigre" (small)

Skull Sculpture Crania Anatomica Filigre small by shhark on Etsy. Another beautiful skull.

#DIY geometric candles

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Earl Stewart's XYZ shoes are 3-D printed based on individual foot scans.

Earl Stewart's XYZ shoes are printed based on individual foot scans. Maybe something for Printer Chat?

This sustainable home was built on the cheap using digital design, and is located in woods north of Copenhagen. It comprises 1,345 square feet, and was constructed using 820 sheets of plywood cut via a CNC printer — which is, essentially a room-sized, computerized drill. The home went up in just four weeks.

Image 1 of 6 from gallery of Villa Asserbo: A Sustainable, Printed House That Snaps Together. Villa Asserbo, a house whose printed pieces "snap" together, by Danish architects Eentileen. Photos via Fast Company.

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