At the waterhole

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.

Australian Kelpie - The Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog successful at mustering and droving with little or no command guidance. They are medium-sized dogs and come in a variety of colours. Kelpies have been exported throughout the world and are used to muster livestock, primarily sheep, cattle and goats.  The breed has been separated into two distinct varieties: the show or bench Kelpie and the working Kelpie.

Maggie, an Australian kelpie likely to be the world's oldest dog, recently died at her home in Victoria, Australia.

Australian Sunset

This photo from Northern Territory, West is titled 'Sunset at Uhluru'.

Mustering cattle in the Northern Territory

"the wide brown land for me ." Cattle mustering, Yes, that's a helicopter.


HD Wallpaper and background photos of Evan Rachel Wood for fans of Evan Rachel Wood images.

Flying Doctor

Birthday Royal Flying Doctors Service commenced on this date in Cloncurry, QLD. The first flight took off 2 days later.

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