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If only my classroom floors were cleaned more than once a year. The human clock! Pairs of students decided who would be the hour hand and who would be the minute hand. Then, they picked a time to represent and the rest of the class read the clock.

Creative Valentine Day Cards. If you want to give your lover something special for Valentine's Day, choose one of these cards for your sweetheart. It would surely be the most special one among all other options.

Are you struggling with the standard Valentine's Day cards? Here is a creative list of unique cards that you can DIY to tell your special one how much they are loved!

Mrs. T's First Grade: Telling Time: Human Clock. This was pretty fun in the 5E!

teaching time-telling: Cut squares of paper, write numbers on them, make two hands from paper and place all pieces in a clasp-envelope and students arrange their own "clocks".

Clocks and Telling Time Ideas

Telling Time- stick a hula hoop to the white board, and write numbers around the inside of the circle to make a "clock". You can make little notches around the inside of the hula hoop to practice telling time to the exact minute, if you choose to,

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Time Bingo Games

Time Bingo Games - Time to teach students about telling time. Students can play several O’Clock Card Games in partners and as a group using Coordinate Boards to Play Memory. And today we created our own bingo boards to practice telling time.