Similar view framing to assessment house - along Left/Right axis

Gallery of Songdo House / architect-K - 2

Example of change of height to help define space

Gallery of Warrandyte House / Alexandra Buchanan Architecture - 1

Void above for natural light and separation from other spaces below

Gallery of The Nook / Hall + Bednarczyk - 2

Sandstone-clad house in Wales designed by Hall + Bednarczyk to resemble local barns

Elevated space to denote importance

Gallery of House M / Peter Ruge Architekten - 5

Low light source and dark, heavy materials - intimate space

Gallery of White Cubes House / at26 architecture & design - 3

Image 3 of 25 from gallery of White Cubes House / architecture & design. Photograph by Peter Čintalan

Straight line from dining room to living room, kitchen and access positioned along. Nature either side

Gallery of House in Takaban / K+S Architects - 16

Lowest point/middle of plan. Meeting/convergence space

Gallery of Nasu Tepee / Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP - 6

Image 6 of 27 from gallery of Nasu Tepee / Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP. Photograph by Koji Fuji - Nacasa & Partners Inc

Timber use and drop ceiling help define dining space

Gallery of Casa Magayon / SARCO Architects - 7

Image 7 of 23 from gallery of Casa Magayon / SARCO Architects. Photograph by Andres Garcia Lachner

Attached Dining and Kitchen spaces

Gallery of Hernandez Residence / Daniel Valle - 4

Line through Kitchen, Dining to Courtyard

Gallery of Layered House / KWA Architects - 5

Image 5 of 19 from gallery of Layered House / KWA Architects. Photograph by Eresh Weerasuriya

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