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Anime XD

What the actual fuck--> no way this HAS to be photoshopped there's just no way Sasuke can hold up a motorcycle in figurine form

Mushup de películas

South Park guys look like from Natuto lol. Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Become Even Cooler With This Badass Transformation (By Tohad)

8 alternative phrases to “calm your tits”

This is gonna come so in handy, my mom hates when I say calm your tits, we'll get ready mom calm your bust before it combusts!

Snapchat Fails of People Having a Worse Day Than You

People having worse days than you, other than the last one, I would love the last one to happen to me

Mind = blown

I just realized that this was suggested for me cause it's under posts, but this is G-Dragon from his Coup D'etat album! He's a meme now. Only took a matter of time.