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love Mexican dresses but feel frumpy wearing them alone - the belt really pulls it together! also like the simplicity of a single embroidery color - sometimes the colors in Peubla/Oaxacan dresses are just to much to wear (though not look at!

Obsessed with sea glass, so I love this beach. /// Glass Beach in California...

There is a Glass Beach in Ft Bragg, California, that’s famous for the iridescent sea glass that shimmers on its shores. Everybody is taking the glass and collecting it.

Me and my bestie together forever❤❤❤

Me and my bestie together forever❤❤❤💋

I want this

Window seat in bedroom takes advantage of wasted space beneath windows.A window seat in bedroom not only provides an attractive nook to curl up in with a book, but can also provide hidden storage.

Love it

It is ideal to have enough space so each of your child has its own bedroom. But what if you have just one bedroom and four kids? The best way out is opting for bunk beds that will accomodate all of your kids plus will help solving space issues.

Great for sleepovers

Great co-sleeping and/or slumber party or girls bedroom. We’ve been a co-sleeping family since our first. love this.