Avocado Hummus - so creamy. So easy. You'll love this dip!

Avocado Hummus

Avocado Hummus - so creamy. So easy. You'll love this dip! ~ I love avocado and I love hummus so this should be a no brainer for me.

We LOVE those little apricot squares you can buy in the packets at the supermarket. I'm very quickly running out of things to sell to afford them. I'm sure I co

Apricot Bites (Thermomix) dried apricots pitted dates dessicated coconut 2 tablespoons desiccated coconut for coating, optional

Almond Biscotti | Official Thermomix Recipe Community, only put 1/4 of orange rind. Very nice

Recipe Almond Biscotti by natalotto - Recipe of category Baking - sweet

coconut rough

This coconut rough slice is a guest recipe from Wholefood Simply. It's gluten, grain and nut free and made with natural sweeteners. Perfect paleo slice for kids lunch boxes and on-the-go snack.

Marshmallow weetbix slice

This Marshmallow Weetbix Slice brings back so many memories of childhood. My friends mum used to make this all the time for parties and get togethers.

Originally posted to our Facebook page 12th November 2013. This has been my go to recipe for as long as I can remember. I love Turkish Delight a little too

Turkish Delight Rocky Road - The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer milk cooking chocolate turkish delight, chopped into small pieces mini marshmallows almonds, slightly crushed 1 tabs dessicated coconut

Apricot Balls

The road to loving my Thermomix: Lunchbox Prep Series: Apricot Balls.I love apricots and coconut!

Earlier this week I decided to get creative with some slices and biscuits. Following on from my Marshmallow Weetbix Slice, I thought Id experimen

I thought Id experiment . keto wagon wheels with "sugar" biscuit recipe, keto marshmallow and rasberry chia jam - some coconut oil and cacao ♡

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