Vegemite and Cheese Scrolls Thermomix

Vegemite and Cheese Scrolls Thermomix - ThermoBliss

The road to loving my Thermomix: Linda's Cherry Ripe Chocolate

Since starting this page 5 months ago, I have made some lovely new friends who I will continue to chat with. laugh with and share recipes with long after this p

Chile Con Queso Mexican Dip | Official Thermomix Recipe Community

Recipe Chile Con Queso Mexican Dip by jojotou, learn to make this recipe easily in your kitchen machine and discover other Thermomix recipes in Sauces, dips & spreads.

Bellini Intelli recipe - pasta dough

Pasta dough in the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master

skinny mixers sweet potato mash - yummo. Works fine with milk rather than cream. Chop about 2x2cm

I am of the school of thought that not everything served on the table HAS to be…

skinnymixer's Mushroom Gravy

skinnymixer’s Mushroom Gravy Replace butter with ghee and soy sauce with coconut aminos

Zucchini Slice

To be completely honest, I have NO idea where I got this recipe… I have a feeling that my Aunty Joan found it in a women’s weekly magazine many moons ago and made it for the family.

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