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DestinationKat (My CaTales Blog) — cwote: Be confident with who you are and if you...

cwote: “Be confident with who you are and if you find you are in the company of those who cannot see how great you are, don’t be afraid to cut them off, okay? ” - cwote: Be confident with who you are and if you.

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"But if I sit in the rain maybe I can drown in something other than my own thoughts" It'll be great though. Even if it takes up to be a storm.

I don't know how to find those lost pieces of myself but for now I'll just have to learn to live without them

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roadlesstraveller: ram dass on judgement

Practice turning people into trees ~ Appreciate them ~ Just the way they are ~❤️~ ram dass

"I wish I could tell you about my day." - Awww, this is sad. #LangLeav #love

Because losing someone isn't an occasion or an event. It doesn't just happen once. It happens over and over again. I lose you every time. Every time I'm kept in the dark. Every time I'm outcasted. Every time I have unanswered questions.

Whether it's heart break due to a break up or loss of a loved one, this quote really speaks to my heart. Stay strong

The worst type of crying.No one knows my tears. Because I cry alone. No one cares. No one wants to hear of my pain, so I keep it all to myself. How sad is that? After hiding it for so long, I feel like a pro at it.

It's not always just the heart — sometimes the mind breaks as well.

Exactly how I mind feels crazy.on overload of thoughts of you and my heart is breaking FH