MY FIRST SIGNS Children are able to communicate by signing before they develop the skills necessary for speech. By teaching sign language to children from as young as seven months we can help them to convey emotions and needs. This first signing guide for hearing and deaf children contains over 40 key signs. Designed for parents and carers to share with babies, with its simple and clear instructions and endearing illustrations, this book is an ideal introduction to signing. Makaton…

Nice first signs series, also includes nursery rhyme board books - couple of signs aren't the same as Makaton

A rescue dog was so badly behaved after being mistreated by drug addict owners that no one would keep him for more than a year.  But now Horus has become the star pupil at his obedience school after mastering 50 commands... in sign language.  The deaf mongrel was taken in by sign language enthusiast Rosie Gibbs, 30, who used Makaton to train him.

Naughty deaf dog who couldn't be trained is finally brought to heel using SIGN LANGUAGE

Horus, a deaf dog in Scotland, has been taught 50 commands and other words in sign language by his owner Rosie Gibbs.

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