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Whimsical Dreamworlds Created by Cardboard by Carolin Wanitzek

I'd like to make little Christmas trees out of paper cones like these. Paper dreamworld by Carolin Wanitzek

the reclaimed wood + black #kitchen.

LOVE live edge wood slab dining table with modern chairs. check mex for wood

2009 installation by Tomás Saraceno (previously) at Andersen’s Contemporary Berlin. The exhibition consisted of numerous suspended geometric clouds made from white matte paper along with video, photographic, and sculptural pieces.

Paper Clouds Suspended in Geometric Clusters by Tomas Saraceno This small room filled with strange clusters overhead is an installation by artist Tomas Saraceno. Produced in Cloudy House was a.

Suspended Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers painting installation clouds abstract

Layered Floating Paintings is a project by Dutch artist Joris Kuipers. This piece entitled Escaping Expressionism displays various swirls of shapes, colours

Check out these stunning suspended cloud paintings by Joris Juipers. See many more installation views on Colossal:

Suspended Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers painting installation clouds abstract - art rooted in Expressionism.not quite Abstract Expressionism, but man oh man, this feels Juliet-ish. At least to me.

Cloudy House by artist Tomas Saraceno at the Andersen Contemporary Berlin.

I love geodesic installations. ^_^ "Cloudy House: A Geodesic Paper Cloud Installation by Tomás Saraceno"


A Drunkard’s Spiraling Thoughts - Contemporary artist Gilles Barbier’s sculptural installation titled L’ivrogne, translated as The Drunk

Designspiration — One Thousand Means of Escape |

saatchionline: “ One Thousand Means of Escape by Astrid Bin One thousand paper airplanes are suspended in flight, like flocking birds, or swarming insects. Category: Installation Date Created: January.

Techne makes quirky use of low cost materials at Grill’d's new Melbourne restaurant | KNSTRCT

The humble hamburger has been a scorching success in Melbourne and Grill’d have been at the forefront of the food revolution for over a decade. Techne Architecture + Interior Design has just unveiled a new-look restaurant for the burger brand.

2,000 Pieces of Reclaimed Wood Form a Textured Ceiling - My Modern Metropolis

maderadearquitecto: “ Nishi building in Canberra, Australia / March Studio Stunning Entryway of the Nishi Building Includes a Suspended Ceiling of Reclaimed Boards from Old Homes and a.