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Feather Masquerade Mask in Black and Gold. Description from I searched for this on

Handmade in Venice Spectacular Venetian mask elaborated in black carved metal. Adorned with swarovski crystals .

Bast Egyptian Cat Mask custom orders by #handmade #egyptian #Bastet #goddess #mask #cosplay

Just finished two Bastet Cat Mask Custom Orders. My Shop: [link] Mask & Design © 2009 Non-Decaffeinated Art Llc Bast Egyptian Cat Mask custom orders

Artist problems

Artist problems, hahah i did this in class one day, ended up giving the girl a broken pencil that had no eraser and a pencil sharpener :P I do this too. I'd rather using pen when I run out of pencils instead of my art pencils.

My life

Ways to sit on couches. Usually I'm the French girl one, the what is life one or the sleeping beauty one

My moon, my goddess, open your heart, please let me in, I will serve you from the start.

My moon, my goddess, open your heart, please let me in, I will serve you from…

SCENE 1: 350 years ago a sorceress casts a curse of great power that forms a great dark wall between the upper city and the slums. The wall traps not only sunlight, but also the flow of magic and health. This leaves the people in the upper city "overdosed" on magic, living forever, almost zombies. The people below the wall are still passionate, but they have little health or sunlight. Reader doesn't know all the details of the curse.

Saheara was beautiful, she had pale white skin and floral delicate patterns up her face. He eyes were a bright blue, and her hair a navy. She wore a band around her head with a blue stone placed in the center.

~Gothic Art - hands of hell

1975 ,I will not rest until each of you there and who profited from those 3 months of beatings taste it in your mouth/being until it rots.