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NO BUT SERIOUSLY Quetzalcoatlus!?

So, there's this online game called roblox, where the games are all made by players, and someone made this dinosaur RPG. My favorite Dino to be is this thing because it's an herbivore (easiest way to play) and it can fly really fast.

Now i'm excited for a ninja party!!! good ninjago party game ideas

My sweet Christopher turned 6 last weekend! He wanted some kind of party that involved swords (*sigh* boys), and since his brother Joshu.

Want to be social media Fabulous?

Who doesn't want to be fabulous? I love to be fabulous! I have a bunch of fabulous people in my life like my mom, my grandma and my grandpa, my aunts and uncles, my brothers and sisters,and my

Just had this done to replace the Ramona Flowers hair. It's awesome, versatile, and looks pretty much exactly like a pixie when down and coiffed to one side.

Short mohawk for black hair Rockstar hair tutorial faux hawk hairstyle for long hair Rihanna Gwen Stefani swirl mohawk for women hairstyle h.