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Inspo for the new geo hangers. Kmart Australia style

Mix Home & Garden Ideas Hanging Glass Geometric Planter Healthy Home Decor House plants are benificial to your health-Natural Air Purification (Use caution some plants are poisionous if eaten by a pet or child) Serafini Amelia

A Bright Idea for Your Holiday Table — Set the Table for Celebration                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Easiest, Brightest Holiday Table Centerpiece

Instant Holiday Decor: Holiday Lanterns with Stargazer Lights from Terrain. Drop these tiny wire lights into a lantern or jar and you're done.-----center pieces for wedding reception tables?

Kmart styled white ladder shelves

Could use this in my space right where the kitchen is and side door going outside !

A Chic Kmart Hack: An Oval Mirror in Copper makes for a beautiful mirror and even more impressive artwork

Love this hack on the kmart copper mirror. 7 Chic Kmart Hacks for Your First Apartment via+

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Love these Kmart Industrial Ladder Shelves! And its also decked out with more Kmart goodies such as: the Beaker Candle, Copper Clock and Pastel Pink Vase. Oh and I spy a little cutie on the bottom shelf (not available from Kmart haha) who has found himsel


Sitting down here briefly with a coffee in hand then I kick into 'Dance Mum mode. Tap pic for stockists

KMART Hack, the 4 tier shelf. The colour is Dulux Ratu.

KMART Hack, the 4 tier shelf. The colour is Dulux Ratu. Yep on my bathroom for sue