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The Parthenon in Athens. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Athens, Greece for fans of Ancient History images.

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Cobbled back street of the Old Town Chania, Creete

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History: This picture is a picture of Athens, Greece. Athens is the capitol of Greece and had its beginning in 1300 BC. it s the largest city in Greece and the fist Olympics was held here. the population of Athens, Greece is

BARA NECKLACE to wear casual or out in the town

BARA NECKLACE to wear casual or out in the town

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Hotels & Resorts, Luxury Grace Hotel, Santorini Islands, Greece: Luxurious Infinity Pool Design At Grace Santor.

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Gabby Westbrook-Patrick by Derek Henderson for the Zimmermann Summer 2013 Swim Campaign

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10 perfect Greek island holidays

10 perfect Greek island holidays: Greece has so many idyllic islands with so many gorgeous beaches. Here are some of the choice destinations

Honour Cats Eye Tulip Dress for nighttime drinks in the late sunshine #zimmermanngoesto

Zimmermann - Honour Cats Eye Tulip Dress - Dresses - Clothing - Ready To Wear