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Yes yes yes!!!

Little dance things Marking routines while sitting in your desk during class, with your hand and fingers.


dancing around the kitchen while waiting or your food to finish cooking

Hasn't happened 2 me yet.

this is the probably why i don't have many friends! i am to busy with dance the to spend time with them. but i do have a few friends that understand, and ask my dance schedule each year.

Dance problems

Jacked up on coffee this is pretty much the look you have plastered on your face everyday

Or older...

story-of-my-life<<< In Cinderella, the class below ours got the pretty fairy costumes while we were cobblers.

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Yes! Plus all the other extra clothes layers like skirts, shirts, shoes, etc. It's the worst thing to realize ever. almost every time i put it on.

Dance problem? Please, I'd like to see any other peasants make up a routine in 30 seconds!

I thought this was just a me problem! I can't even listen to music like a normal person anymore, I always choreograph dances in my head!