Lemon Pikelets...a pikelet is a mini version of a pancake and is prevalent in Australia and New Zealand.

Lemon Pikelets

A small, thick and fluffy pancake from the Australia and New Zealand region, the pikelet is traditionally served at afternoon tea. The lemon pikelet is bursting with zesty flavours and is best enjo…

Pikelets. Recipe by Stephanie Alexander


Growing up in Australia, I loved eating pikelets for afternoon tea. My earliest memory of pikelets was when I was in primary school, perhaps about 8 years old, when our teacher made pikelets one af.

My number one pikelet recipe-endlessly adaptable (feel free to add spelt or wholemeal flour), low in sugar (I left it out once and didn't notice) and good for pancakes too (just thin the batter with some more milk). Fail-safe and delicious every time!

Exclusively Food: Pikelets Recipe - replace with buttermilk and add some vanilla powder .

Pikelets, a classic morning or afternoon tea contribution when it's suggested 'Ladies, a plate please!"


Kids will have fun watching the batter bubble while they make these yummy small, thick pancakes - the winner of this week's kid-friendly food fight!

Mmmmm pikelets!

Easy Pikelet

Some days you should just give up and make pikelets ( pikelets = drop scones = mini pancakes )

Homemade Raspberry Yoghurt on Pikelets

Try this Homemade Raspberry Yoghurt on Pikelets recipe by Chef Justine Schofield . This recipe is from the show Everyday Gourmet.


Doves Farm is a family owned flour mill.


Sweet or Savoury Pikelets

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