Baby wipe and texta tie dye bunting
"There's a hippopotamus on my roof eating cake"
Kinetic sand and cocktail umbrellas
Based on an interests of frozen and also family trips to the snow. We created plain white play dough (with a little lavender through it), small ribbons for scarves, sticks and seed pods for buttons
Moving to learn during story time
Mint and coconut oil play dough with tooth pics, scissors and extra fresh mint leaves.  Unlimited fun
All together we ground up  rock salt, added extra coconut oil, coconut essence, some green dye, some fresh mint and now tooth picks, mint leaves and scissors have been placed on the table to extend the play
Using scissors to snip mint into play dough
Grinding up rock salt and mint.  Involving more processes while making play dough
Red sand, glitter, rose petals, lavender & film canisters for making "fairy potions."