AHA CPR in Schools- Learn to Save a Life - YouTube

You teach children so much, but did you know you could teach them how to learn to save a life? Learn the two simple steps of Hands-Only CPR if you witness a .

Darth Vader's theme song, the Imperial March, is 103 beats/min. Good for keeping rhythm during #CPR. #SDCC

“Darth Vader's theme song, 'The Imperial March', is 103 beats/min. Great for keeping time in CPR.

#CPR isn't just for humans. Learn how to give CPR to your puppy with this infographic. #NationalDogDay

We hope you’ll NEVER need this. But you need to read it.

How To Give Your Puppy CPR Hope never have to do it, but just in case.

National CPR tour promotes keeping a steady beat to save lives. #AmericanHeart #CPR #HandsOnlyCPR #HOCPR

National CPR tour promotes keeping a steady beat to save lives

The event will be open to the public at MacArthur Center in Norfolk with free training for all Hampton Roads residents from 11 a.

Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack #CPR #heartdisease #AmericanHeart #savealife

Emergency First Aid for Nurses: A Practical Guide - Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack


ABCs changed to CAB In the American Heart Association changed its long-held acronym of ABC to CAB — circulation, airway, breathing — to help people remember the order to perform the steps of CPR. This change emphasizes the importance of chest compre

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