Diogo Morgado - I loved the Bible miniseries that aired early this year, but I have to admit, it's kind of hard to be all spiritual and religiously into the show when the guy playing Jesus is this guy...AMEN to that. (Cutest Jesus EVER!)

This is the perfect image quality for any of our custom photo urns or keepsakes. I will say that I'm always proud of my staff when they take a poor quality photo and make it look better than the original on our urns.

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Hello everyone! I created this blog to dedicate to beautiful redheads :) I am always open and appreciative of submissions, so submit away! Almost all of the pictures you will find here are appropriate, meaning minimal nudity. Enjoy!

"Seriously now? I've died ten times before, and each death has been better than this cliche one. Come now. You can do better. Burning at the stake, or drowning, or a firing squad--but not something as boring as hanging." (A Hopeful Writer)

It’s official: a new Tomb Raider film is coming. Originally acquired by GK Films in the film rights for the video game reboot have now shifted to Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (MGM) who will now be co-producing the big screen version with GK Films.

Colpa, brother to Culno, is a monster hunter with four years of training. He is one year younger than Culno (being and more often than not has to be saved by his brother. He has good humor but is always ready to help in any way he can.