Flames licked from the tips of my fingers all the way up my arm. It looked like it should hurt, but it didn't. It was just a dull tingling...And it made me feel alive.

aliciangreenpoetry: “im-vertical: “Cup of Sea By Tiago Saraiva ” “On mornings like these I wish I could scoop up the sea Into my coffee cup So instead of being halfway around the world You’d be just across the table And I wouldn’t have to miss you So...

I cup my hands under the stream of water, forming a perfect sphere. A voice startles me, and I drop it. I turn, hiding my hands behind my back. The scar would tell them all they needed to know about me. "Hey!" they said. (be the person who just came up.)

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.I was practicing, just like Proffessor told me to, when Destin walked in. Her peeked over my shoulder at what I was doing and gasped. I was trying to fit emotions and air, along with parts of the galaxy into a jar. "Destin, I can explain.."