10 Great Farm House Light Fixtures | Just a few of the amazing light fixtures we've considered for the new house.

10 Great Farm House Light Fixtures

My Father-in-law (who's an electrician/math teacher) is in the middle of hanging all of the fun light fixtures in the new house! We've had a good time shopping for chandeliers, wall sconces, ceilin.

Verandah House - my life will not be complete until I have this kitchen in a beach house...

Verandah House (House of Turquoise)

Chic and simple kitchen from Verandah House! love these light fixtures and the blue and white fabric on the stools.

Grand Designs Australia - Lifestyle Channel. NSW Sheep Station Homestead.

Fun Fam Living – Where Fun Living begins with Family Grand Designs Australia - Lifestyle Channel.


Pippin Hill Farm Wedding from Andrea Hubbell Photography

STRONGBUILD HOME BUILDERS - CLASSIC DESIGNS - Classic Country Homes - The Strong Home - A Strongbuild Classic Designs Streamlined Building H...

The Strong House. They have chosen Double rails with top bar windows. Adam would like simpler details.

Australian country homestead   http://www.manor.net.au/gallery-1-interior-exterior/images

Australian country homestead - french doors onto veranda. French doors are full length glass with no sections.