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Abra Cadabra is Jewish. 2,000 years ago the sages of the Talmud invented the words Abra Cadabra, it sounded more like Avra Kehdabra “I will create, as I speak”

Actually is from Aramaic, precursor to Hebrew. The Aramaic is "Avra kehdabra" and means literally "I will create as I speak". Abracadabra in Hebrew is "I create what I speak"


How to pronounce Hebrew in hebrew! aka my name is hebrew!


Hebrew Alef Bet (alphabet) with a little gematria on the side. Every Hebrew letter has a much deeper meaning behind it than how to speak the word. The language of the Creator!

For everyone who wants to translate the Bible. Hebrew Alphabet Chart The language is so incredibly deep. Its been explained to me that when you learn the Bible from the Hebriac understanding its like a black and white movie turning into color.

Family Members in Hebrew... Teach your children (or students) how to say their family members in Hebrew.  A great place to start!

Family Members in Hebrew - Already knew most of them, but neat chart.

Alphabets hébreu et grec. Greek and Hebrew Alphabets with Numeric Values

Greek and Hebrew alphabets with numeric equivalents. Many Old Religion spells incorporate various numerical values in their text.

Useful words in Hebrew. #hebrew #languagelearning #languages #learn #learnhebrew

Useful words in Hebrew. "V's" appear in "Modern Hebrew" not Paleo Hebrew.