Recipe for caramel slice - the most delicious food ever created

FOR DISPLAY IDEAS Chocolate caramel slice -recipe i've been looking for! cup plain flour, cup brown sugar (firmly packed) cup coconut, butter (melted) Caramel: butter can sw condensed milk 2 tbsp golden syrup

Mars Bar Slice recipe

This mars bar slice uses mars bars, chocolate, rice bubbles and butter to make a fridge slice that makes a perfect sweet treat for a birthday party. Find more on Kidspot New Zealand

Chocolate Weet-Bix Slice

Chocolate Weet-bix Slice Recipe - to make gluten free substitute with GF weetbix (Sanitarium does them) and GF flour

Caramel slice recipe

Can top with chocolate, or with Coconut topping: 2 eggs, c castor sugar, 2 c coconut. Mix well, spread on top before baking.

Marbled Mint Slice

This marbled mint fudge is a delicious treat you will love to try. Be warned it's highly addictive!

Biscuit base, yummy caramel in the middle and chocolate on top - what could be better! This Caramel Slice has coconut in the base

Chocolate Coconut Caramel Slice

Shortbread base, a caramel layer and a dark chocolate topping-the classic Caramel Slice. Make sure you cut this into slices before the chocolate fully sets or the chocolate will crack while you're cutting.

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