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Andrew Cairncross

Andrew Cairncross
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2013 - Sequoia National Park in California is home to some of the oldest trees on the planet. Giant sequoias as old as 3,000 years cover the park's 400,000 acres. Activities within the park vary according to season, but its majestic beauty is a constant.

Giant Sequoia trees, California Sequoia is home to the largest tree in the world, by volume. Redwoods are taller, but giant sequoias win for sheer mass: the General Sherman's trunk has a volume of cubic metres and is estimated to weigh over tonnes.

Acadia National Park, Maine, USA (photo: National Park Service)

Arcadia National Park & Bar Harbor Maine was a better vacation then Disneyland for my children. They loved going into wade pools with the rangers and finding sea urchin, star fish.

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park ~ Alberta, Canada Beautiful!!

Moraine Lake, Valley of the Ten peaks, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.Been there so many times in a year .while we lived is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world!