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The story of this place is rooted deep in the history and culture of the region. The biodiversity of the region is part of the larger Madrean Archipelago, which stretches from the Sonoran to Chihuahuan deserts, to parts of Southern Arizona, Southern

This sophisticated retreat is located in Bowen Mountain, at the foothills of the Blue Mountains in Sydney. A Sustainable, Green approach to the home results in a refuge from the city that blends with the natural environment.

We all love our home. The name home is given to the place where we live and a home is dependent on many factors including environment, politics, weather, economy, history, infrastructure, etc. We should choose our place to live after carefully consider

Tannga House by Guz Architects

Located in Singapore, the Tannga House . Designed by Guz Architects, the house also features an L-shaped, glass-walled pool that can be viewed through a window from a lower floor in the home. oh my....

Contemporary Homes in Valle de Bravo Have Us Dreaming of Mexico -