Twelve Apostles, Australia

The Twelve Apostles (♥) is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Their proximity to one another has made the site a popular tourist attraction. (from Wikipedia)

Cape Tribulation Australia

The Daintree tropical Rainforest (Cape Tribulation, north-east coast of Far North Queensland, Australia) is absolutely stunning. ** I visited way back in long before the expensive resorts were built.

Brampton Island, Queensland

Brampton island, the Whitsundays, off Queensland Australia. Fabulous snorkelling & short boat trip to Great Barrier Reef

Mount Maunganui

A birds eye view of Mt Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand, my home. i am soo sooo lucky!


Does this photo look unworldly slightly? It kinda looks like Star War imagery.

Byron Bay, Australia Byron Bay, Australia Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay, Australia looking down from the Lighthouse to Tallow Beach


Tropical North Queensland, Cairns, Living in Paradise.


A Beach Wish List. I Hope to Visit All of these Exotic Beaches. Pictures of Beaches in Exotic Places.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zealand Inferno Crater Lake it is the youngest geothermal spring in the Waimangu valley and nestles close to the much larger spring the Frying Pan Crater Lake


Boab tree on Broome Beach, Broome, Western Australia.