Thermomix recipe: Varoma steamed crème caramel | Journal of a French Foodie

Crème Renversée Au Caramel Caramel sugar 2 tbsp water Crème 3 eggs milk (whole fat preferably) sugar vanilla pod or vanilla extract

Domestic Diva: Potato and Leek Pancakes / fritters.

Potato and Leek fritters. 1 leek 1 clove garlic chickpeas potatoes, peeled & chopped into chunks Sprinkle of chives teaspoon salt 2 eggs plain or rice flour 2 tablespoons canola oil for frying.

Real Meals: Pear & Vanilla Jam

Real Meals: Pear & Vanilla Jam, kinda reminds me of honey but not as sweet or runny (failsafe site)

Domestic: Diva: Failsafe BBQ Sauce. Thermomix.

Domestic: Diva: Failsafe BBQ Sauce cup RMS 4 tbs carob - but 3 is enough Add 2 tsp garlic

Domestic Diva: Lasagne – My Big Batch Failsafe Version. Recipe makes 3 lasagne's, one for diner and 2 to freeze.

Domestic Diva: Lasagne – My Big Batch Failsafe Version with pizza garlic bread.

Real Meals: Sandra's No-Tomato Sauce

Sandra's No-Tomato Sauce I have been using this all over the place. and a bit like the Deli Chicken, it has helped save Failsafe c.

Beef Samosas with Pear Chutney

Failsafe Beef Samosas with Pear Chutney. I have made the samosa filling with ingredients suitable for the failsafe diet.