Embrace Our Differences Circle Time Prompt Word Cards - This handy set of prompt cards feature key questions to ask during a circle time discussion about differences and diversity.

100 Circle Time Questions - A great set of 100 question cards to ask in circle time.

We are all Different Circle Time Discussion Cards - A lovely set of cards to encourge circle time discussion about our differences.

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Read, Write and Convert Time Between Analogue and Digital 12 Hour Clocks Presentation - A handy instructional presentation on how to convert from analogue time to digital time and vice versa.

12 and 24 Hour Clock Conversion - This brilliant PowerPoint explains how to convert between 12 hour and 24 hour clocks!

12 to 24 Hour Clock Label Flower - Use this brilliant resource to help reinforce the 12 to 24 hour clock in your children's minds!

Interactive Simple Clock Visual Aid - This brilliant visual aid is an excellent way to help your children with reading clocks and learning how to tell the time!

Analogue to Digital Clock Label Flower - This fantastic resource is a great way to introduce your children to digital clock times! Pair with our blank analogue clock resource and have your class put the times in the correct places!

Reasoning Test Practice Read Write and Convert 24 Hour Times