Analogue to Digital Clock Label Flower - This fantastic resource is a great way to introduce your children to digital clock times! Pair with our blank analogue clock resource and have your class put the times in the correct places!

12 to 24 Hour Clock Label Flower - Use this brilliant resource to help reinforce the 12 to 24 hour clock in your children's minds!

Analogue and Digital Half Past Time Bingo - A time bingo set (half past), including boards and matching cards for both digital and analogue clocks. A fun way to reinforce key concepts and learn about time!

Circle Time Ideas - This resource gives teachers ideas about how circle time can be used.

Converting Analogue to Digital Time and Vice Versa Activity Sheet - Activity sheet to practice and consolidate conversion of digital and analogue time. Differentiated 3 ways.

Blank Analogue Cut-Out Clocks (with hands) - A set of two different clocks with printable hands. Why not print and laminate the resource and use a split pin to adjust the time as you require, handspan

Embrace Our Differences Circle Time Prompt Word Cards - This handy set of prompt cards feature key questions to ask during a circle time discussion about differences and diversity.

We are all Different Circle Time Discussion Cards - A lovely set of cards to encourge circle time discussion about our differences.

Converting Time Challenge Cards - Make maths fun with these time themed challenge cards! Each card features a different challenge with visual representations to help your children relate maths problems to real-life scenarios.